Gemify-JS simplifies adding JS / CSS libraries to your Rails application.

Forget about manually including libraries into your Rails aplication. Gemify it then install!

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Dead Simple Gem Generation

We make it ridiculously easy to turn your JS, CSS and Image files into a Rails asset pipeline compatible gem.

Github Integration

We create and manage the github repository so you don't have to! Just remove the old files and upload new files then Gemify!

We Push To Rubygems

Don't worry about managing uploading and updating the gem, we handle it all for you!

Less Steps For You

Just upload and gemify! That's all you need to do to gemify your javascript libraries, your jquery plugins and your sick-lookin' themes

Drag N' Drop!

Just drag and drop your Javascript, CSS and Image files and we'll organize it all for you. Never worry about manually creating another front-end rails gem!

Check The Gem's Progress

We have a nifty progress bar that shows you the status of the gem generation.

Developer Friendly

Shoot us an email if you're having any trouble using our application. We're developers, too!


Open Source

We love contributors. Join us on our adventure!

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Made by two Yangs

Built with love @ Flatiron School.

User wontae

Wontae Yang

Yang #1

User sunwoo

Sunwoo Yang

Yang #2


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